Boat Upholstery

Simes upholstery is a key part of the look of your boat’s interior and is also quite a practical feature – it helps chairs, sofas and other soft furnishings look smart and withstand constant use.  If you have bought a boat that needs a makeover or simply think your boat’s upholstery is looking shabby, we can help.

Simes upholstery is an expert of all kinds in boat upholstery in Sydney.  We can help with different materials, swapping to different fabrics and also choosing water-resistant fabrics for more exposed areas.  If you want a particular style of upholstery, we can look at this from the viewpoint of a boat to ensure it will work or offer a range of suggestions if you are unsure what you need.

Our process involves checking the structure of the furniture to make sure it is sound then removing the old upholstery.  We will clear away any of the old fittings such as nails or staples to make a clear, smooth surface for the new material.  Once you have chosen what you want, we can then add this to the furniture in the boat and ensure it is correctly fitted so that it lasts the longest possible time.

If your boat needs new upholstery or you simply want to change the look, give us contact SIMES UPHOLSTERY today to book a free consultation.