Furniture Upholstery

Antique Furniture

We will give a new life to your antique furniture by upholstering. It’s worth restoring the ancient craftsmanship through refurbishing and modifying. Antique furniture is likely to be infected by woodworm, we can restore the woodworm infested furniture which will lengthen its life expectancy.

Domestic Furniture

Keep the brand new look of your domestic furniture. Upgrade it with new fabric, color coating, and woodworm treatment. If you have a set of dining chairs that need a new lease on life, we can re-trim them for you along with many other upholstery items. We will make them look like new furniture.

Commercial Furniture

Add a customized look to your office furniture by upholstering and reupholstering. At the end of the day, the ambiance does matter. Get an updated version of your furniture without having to buy new ones. In most cases we work with clear instructions when upholstering commercial furniture.